1. Borrie BoBaka

    Calibrated Bed Pillows 1.0

    Adds a Garrus Vakarian Body Pillow to style 1 small beds. INSTALLATION: Drag and drop every file inside the CLIENT FILES folder into your Star Wars Galaxies installation folder; which is the folder that contains the game EXE file (by default called SWGEmu.exe) and the TRE files. CREDITS...
  2. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's HQ Planet Shaders 1.1

    This started off as a small side project for my roleplaying server, as I am working on implementing a great deal of planets, but it snowballed into a more in-depth shader project that brought a higher fidelity to the planet textures found in the user interface. These might be just too fancy for...
  3. Borrie BoBaka

    SWGEmu Species Revamp & HD Eyes 1.0

    This is a repacking of two very noteworthy mods made by Kayliaah and Rinzler at ModTheGalaxy.com, with a couple of bugfixes included. This mod reintroduces the species revamps from the NGE for the Human, Zabrak, and Twi'lek. During the NGE, SOE released an enhancement that brought new textures...
  4. W

    HD SWG Textures - Death Trooper Armor 1.0

    A upscale of the worst armor from the worst expansion in any version of the game. Just trying to fix the eyesore. Before/After:
  5. W

    HD SWG Textures - Shuttle 1.0

    HD texture of everyone's favorite shuttle. Before/After - It is much more noticeable in game.
  6. Borrie BoBaka

    Borrie's New Water Shader 1.0

    Inspired by the improved water shaders given to Neverwinter Nights for it's enhanced edition, I've went and worked to give new life to the water shaders within Star Wars Galaxies. One of the most glaring issues with water in SWG is that it would seem the water is not affected by the light of...
  7. Borrie BoBaka

    Seeker Droid Texture Fix 1.0

    I was curious as to the exact reason why the Seeker Droid had a bugged out texture, and has had that texture since the dawn of Star Wars Galaxies. It turns out, instead of having the correct texture applied, the Seeker had the texture for the Probot Probe Droid instead. Clearly an oversight by...
  8. algebuckina

    Very Nice bank terminals 1.0

    This is a useless mod that I used to prove a point.
  9. Borrie BoBaka

    WeaponsHD Pack by Rooxon for SWG 1.0

    From the modding community of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy comes the fantastic work of Rooxon's WeaponsHD project, giving us new models for the E-11 Rifle / Carbine, as well as the Vibroaxe, Scout Blaster, and Force Pike. This mod is packaged with several versions of the E-11. By default in the...
  10. Borrie BoBaka

    Illuminated Protocol Droid Eyes 1.0

    Curiously, in Star Wars Galaxies, Protocol Droids do not have emissive eyes, as they do in Star Wars films and other sources. This is likely a result of the fact that there is no shader that supports both reflective textures, and emissive textures at the same time. This mod swaps out the parts...
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