Illuminated Protocol Droid Eyes

Illuminated Protocol Droid Eyes 1.0

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Curiously, in Star Wars Galaxies, Protocol Droids do not have emissive eyes, as they do in Star Wars films and other sources. This is likely a result of the fact that there is no shader that supports both reflective textures, and emissive textures at the same time. This mod swaps out the parts shader for Protocol Droids to enable their eyes to emit light.

This little detail surprisingly does a lot to bring more life to the droids and more accuracy to the Star Wars feel of the game, especially since Protocol Droids are encountered so often due to their usage as Ticket Collectors at Star Ports and Shuttle Ports.

Borrie BoBaka
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adds so much to the game
Immersion levels: extreme
Makes the game come alive
Wow, thank you!
Players love the glowing eyes.
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