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About two years ago, I discovered that the rank plates of SWG had an appearance file that allowed them to be worn, but this was never made into a wearable for players to use. I've simply applied the appearance of the rank plate to a standard necklace, and made them custom objects for each rank that was available.

Include the files under the "CLIENT" folder in your server's TRE files. Ensure you add each object to your server's main object crc table, located in misc/object_template_crc_string_table.iff

Add the variations for male and female in the appearance table for each gender/species, located in datatables/appearance/appearance_table.iff (This will let the form change between a male or a female. Without this change, every rank plate will appear as though they're on a female body.)

Add the files under the "SERVER" folder to your server's LUA files, under bin/scripts/tangible/wearables/rank. Ensure you connect to the objects.lua file with your allobjects.lua file, and refer to the serverobjects.lua file in the master serverobjects.lua file.

The string files haven't been changed on the object files themselves. As well as descriptions, meaning that when you examine a rank plate, it will claim it is a variation of a pleated necklace, and give the description of a necklace. However, in the LUA files, the correct names are given, which will make the rank plate have the correct rank and name.

This simply provides the objects to have in your server. It does not provide a way for your players to obtain them. That will be up to you to decide.

You will very much want to repack this mod into your server's TRE files. Credit is not required, but greatly appreciated!
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