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Better Astromechs 1.0

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Among many of SOE's questionable decisions was the default paint scheme for NPC astromech droids - blue base, and red (for R2s) or white (everything else) trim.

This combination of client file changes and server file changes set the base color to white, with randomized trim colors from the entire astromech palette. Make your NPC astromech droids look like they weren't painted by the same colorblind artist!

Please credit the Empire in Flames team if you use this mod for your server!
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Another mod to ruin my client. YAY!
That's nice but it has a bug. When you deploy the astromech in your datapad it loses all the selected palette. It just shows in colour white and white for colour 2.
Maybe i'm wrong and i didn't notice that before i tested your mod but maybe it was the colour change you made in clientdata or the default colour for a deed in the datapad. I don't know.
Datapad objects always show zero color. (Astromechs, ships, speeders.)
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