Halyn's Datapad 1.0

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This is a simple object and screenplay written to help developers test and access screenplay functions quickly and easily in-game by a simple item.

development_datapad.lua needs to be in bin/scripts/object/tangible/item with an appropriate entry added to that folder's serverobjects.lua.

development_controls.lua needs to be in bin/scripts/screenplays with an appropriate entry added to that folder's screenplays.lua.

This requires *no* client-side file additions and no additions to objects.lua.

Once it's in-game, developers can spawn the datapad by using /object createitem object/tangible/item/development_datapad.iff.

In inventory, the datapad will have a radial menu that players can customize the available options and functions those options call by editing the development_controls.lua screenplay.

The EiF team uses these datapads for developing screenplays and testing functions in-game quickly and easily without restarting the server. (reloadscreenplays at the terminal is our friend!)
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