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Useful Newsnet Terminals 1.0

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The Empire in Flames team has decided to release one of our scripts for other servers to use - it's a nifty little feature and we'd like to see other servers using it (if for no other reason than to get players used to the function when they visit).

The script in this case is to make the in-game Newsnet terminal useful by allowing you to setup information of your choice on it. On Empire in Flames, we use it for patch notes, event announcements, some RP flavor, and a few automatically-updated bits that players occasionally need to check. The attached zip file has a replacement newsnet terminal lua (overwrite the existing SWGEmu one, or just edit it to change the one lline of text difference) and a screenplay with entries currently pointing to the Empire in Flames web server that you'll obviously want to point at your own stuff.

It's fairly straightforward - ask if you have any questions. The best part is that, after it's implemented, you can get that information updated without requiring a server admin to do anything. Our CM and one of our players spends time keeping elements of it up to date, and I seldom have to do anything.

Note that this requires lua-socket. Depending on your server setup, you may need to install it.
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Another fix:
It may not work. For this we will try to install (or resinstall to fix) Luasocket (Debian 9).

~$ sudo git clone
~$ cd luasocket
~$ sudo make
~$ sudo make install-both
Really clean, I like the empowerment of your web admins to update in-game content without having to code!
Great way to display genuine Fake News. 10/10
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