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Star Wars Galaxies' Skies have always suffered from one thing: The textures used for the clouds were woefully low resolution. A natural element of being a game of its age, but unfortunately it does help highlight the lower quality of the graphics in general.

This mod is twofold. It first replaces the cloud textures with higher resolution, higher quality sky textures. The second part is replacing the environment color maps to be more vibrant and detailed, giving the sky a richer and more diverse visual flavor that can enrich the environment greatly.

Drag and drop the texture folder inside "Borrie's Better Skies" folder into your SWGEmu base folder. This is the folder that contains your SWGEmu.exe.

Brought to you by Dark Rebellion RP
-Borrie BoBaka
-An unknown author who originally created the new environment color maps. These files are sourced from a long-lost mod that originally came out during live. I've had these files ever since due to my love for them, and have included them in this pack.

You are free to redistribute these files into your own TREs for your server, though I always caution against server owners from forcing their players to utilize mods. You don't need to credit me, but it is greatly appreciated if you do!
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This mod makes so much difference when playing. Absolutely gorgeous skies.
a "game" changer
Great improvement. A must have.
looks great
Thank you for making these mods, all great stuff. SWG is alive!
I like it <3
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