For whatever reason, SWG has had some issue rendering environment maps onto certain materials that are reflective, such as chrome or glass surfaces. When using older shader versions, you can bring back these environment reflections, but they were static, and painted onto the model instead of behaving like faux-reflections that the game intended to use.

This mod brings back these reflections by changing the shaders of reflective materials to utilize the cube reflection map instead of a 3D texture. This has restored the reflective quality of these materials, giving them a glimmer and shine.

Naturally, however, Star Wars Galaxies is an older game. Not every environment may have a fitting cube map assigned to it, leading to some odd reflections every so often. However, it was by design these maps were to be used in SWG, and these maps are open to being updated and added to one day in the future.

This mod affects virtually every material and shader that utilizes the "envmask" tag within the shader, which means that there are dozens upon dozens of things this updates in SWG. Screenshots could not be taken for everything, as I simply do not know everything that this affects.

This mod will need you to run your client on the optimal shader setting, also known as 2.0. This can be changed by going into your SWGEmu folder and clicking on "SWGEmu_Setup.exe," going to the "Graphics" tab, and selecting "Optimal" or "2.0 (override)" on the dropdown labeled Vertex/Pixel Shader Version.

Due to unknown bugs within modern AMD Video Drivers, these shaders may not actually work with your game if you are using an AMD Video Card. A solution will be considered, but with my current understanding, it may not be possible to adapt these to work with said cards. When a solution is found, a version that can work with AMD cards will be posted in a patch. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Drag and drop the pixel_program folder into your SWGEmu base folder. This is the folder that contains your SWGEmu.exe.

Borrie BoBaka
Sytner, for his tool that allows shaders to be recompiled.

You are free to redistribute these files into your own TREs for your server, though I always caution against server owners from forcing their players to utilize mods. You don't need to credit me, but it is greatly appreciated if you do!

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